What we're about

Take a break from your daily lives to meet some friends for lunch!

This group is for anyone who needs to get out of their homes or away from their offices for a chance to relax and meet some new people. Come spend an hour (or more) feeding your social appetite!

We do not charge dues, but all of our members have a role to play in maintaining this great group. You can choose to either contribute to dues, voluntarily, or help schedule our weekly meetups!
We have enough members that if everyone schedules just ONE lunch per year it will more than cover every week! I have just a few tips for scheduling lunches.

Make sure the location is open for lunch on the day you choose.
Try to schedule the lunch for 11:30am to beat any lunch rushes and so you do not have to wait for seating.
Make sure to fill out the most important fields (date, time, location)
Consider picking locally owned restaurants for fun and unique experiences!

We take RSVPs very seriously out of respect for each other and the restaurants we attend. Please only RSVP to an event you actually plan to attend and make sure to unRSVP if something comes up and you can't join us. If you fail to unRSVP and do not show up 3 times in a 6 month period, you will be removed from the group.


Welcome and Enjoy!

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Pensacola lunch ladies

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