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Meditation Explained and Experienced.
Meditation is the key, but not the be all and end all. What it essentially rests on, is information and through my own personal experience, I offer you this vital knowledge in this Meet Up group along with ongoing support and mentoring. This information will help you through the maze of spirituality and personal growth. Time is running out rapidly! As we are at the end of this present cycle. Indigo's, starseeds, lightworkers. If you are, or believe you are one of these, YOU need to know this NOW! Suffering from depression? Anxiety attacks? Social anxiety? Bi-polar? Or anything more, then you are most likely one of the main lead groups to help humanity out of these traumatic and troubled times. This is an invitation to relight you innate knowledge and to also regroup and reunite with your fellow warriors and missionaries. Come along and learn more about this and the specific meditations that are helpful to you along your inner journey. Click on the address shown to show on Google Maps where this Meet Up will be held.

29 Albion Road

LU2 0DS · Luton


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This is a group for everybody and anybody who would like to understand the principles of Meditation and take their inner journey of transformation to the next level. These regular Meet Ups will contain discussions and periods of mediation all in a relaxed, uplifting and safe atmosphere. I am looking forward to meeting everyone who wants to share this journey.

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