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Larp has strongly gained in popularity since the 2000s, even in Luxembourg. It might not seem very obvious, but we have several groups playing various genres and of course there also a few yearly events that can accommodate LARPers. However, the communication between groups and the social acceptance seems to be more difficult than in our neighboring countries.

The LARP meetup group aims to tackle this challenge and establish a solid LARP community for the Greater Region (LUX, BE, FR, DE). While most of the content on this site is english for obvious (international) reasons, we can surely break the language barrier and enjoy role playing for what it is. Anyone may present his group and ideas, and of course we can collaborate to organize LARP-events. We can also meet for workshops or plan to travel to cons as a big group. Or simply play some table-top role playing games. It’s up to you, the community!

We’d also like to precise that we also want to open your eyes to other LARP genres that you might not know they are performed here in Luxembourg. And, last but not least, we’re always open to people who are new to the hobby and want to see the truth beyond the stereotypical Nerd-Larper with his foam paddle.

Translation française:

Rejoignez-nous si vous vous intéressez au LARP.

Deutsche Übersetzung:

Wenn ihr LARP macht, macht einfach mit.

Past events (2)

Butschebuerger Buergfest 2017

Butschebuerger Buergfest


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