Past Meetup

Eat around the World: American Spare Ribs, Burgers & TexMex (outdoor)

Price: €5.00 /per person
Location image of event venue


Get ready for the next summer event. After South Africa in July we will have an American & Tex Mex Barbecue in August.

Thanks to Burr and Hanspeter to be grillmasters and also Marijke and Zita to help. We can use the grill at Treibhaus.

As we pay rent for the place (also there is a rooftop in case of rain we are protected) I ask you to participate with Fr. 6.-- per person.

Everyone brings his/her own meat and vegetables, salades and desserts etc and we make a buffet.

I will bring the plates, serviettes and fork and knifes.

Bring Tupperware for the left overs.

Here the address of my favourite butcher in Luzern:

Drinks HAVE to be ORDERED and payed at the garden bar, no drinks allowed to be taken along.

18h00 arrival of the helpers (Event Coodinators).

18h15 arrival of the others - Apero time

19h00 dinnertime

21h30 arranging the place and go out to dance to the lake nearby (Ufschütti) or what you want.....