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Fasnacht??? - It's FUN!!!

Remember the Party in 2012???
Dressing up, going out, talking, smiling, dancing and having FUN, FUN, FUN.
I loved it :O) So many nice people and such a good atmosphere. Fantastic!!!

The "Vikinger Powernight" is a big Fasnacht's Party in Hotel Schweizerhof where people come together and celebrate the Fasnacht. Dressed up like whatever you desire... Dancing, smiling, drinking ... you can go WILD here... ha, ha, ha.

Tickets can be bought here, starting Monday the 14th of January:
... search for " Vikinger Powernight "

We will meet where we met (several times) last year!!!
This means you enter through the main entrance to Schweizerhof. Walk to the Schweizerhof Bar and further into the next area. NOT the area where the bands perform, but the area with the DJ.

Is before the place fills up. So I suggest that you arrive between 19.00 and 20.00 in the meeting area.
If you send me your telephone number by mail I will text you if there are any changes during the evening,


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