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Nagel, "The View from Nowhere"

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Please read the following carefully before RSVP-ing:

Come out and join our reading and discussion of Pierce’s “How to Make Our Ideas Clear” as an introduction to Nagel’s “The View from Nowhere”.


Attendance is limited to seven persons. This is a function of the limits of the space available, and a desire to nurture effective discussion. Please remember to change your RSVP status if you are unable to attend (things happen, right?)


For this first week, we will be reading an article by C.S. Pierce (available on the meetup website) as a background to some of the issues Nagel is addressing.

The Nagel book is available for download (, at a local library (, or for purchase at amazon. (


After spending some time introducing ourselves, we will go around and ask for general comments on the reading; then starting with the first section, we will ask which sections (or paragraphs they found interesting/challenging/discreditable…) and read/discuss those portions; finally we will go around once more and ask for closing comments.

A Poem for You

Though they're slightly eroded, one still might surmise the commanding force in those tensile coppery legs, their responsive bent, their brutal extent. I draw up into myself at their coming; I stumble as one cast out. Look down on me. I, fallen, would meet him, fallen, in the blunt blue light of morning. My angry god would contest his angry god, to clutch at sheer cloth and recompense of lean, fusible flesh. Once lost wax. I long to know his vulgar tongue. To feel the cool verdigris of his shanks, the clasping down upon my own extremities. I want to be with the one who will not have me. Will not, despite our mortal errors, which seem terribly to twin.