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Meditation is very good for many reasons. These days people are becoming aware of the importance of meditation. Many highly successful people today have attributed their success due to their meditation practice. Lyndhurst Meditation uses a concrete method of cleansing the mind. Practicing at Lyndhurst Meditation you will be enabled to find true peace, happiness, and inner stability.

Lyndhurst Meditation is the most comfortable, peaceful and convenient place to meditate. It's a warm and welcoming environment where you can come and rest your mind.

Lyndhurst Meditation has a self reflection process which can change and improve your life, create self awareness and confidence. Through this process one can empty one's mind which brings real results and benefits.


For more information please feel free to visit our website at newjerseymeditation.org, or give us a call 201-933-0313

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Let's Move!

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"Exercises to invigorate your body and relax your mind. All ages welcome!" Your body moves you, propelling you forward towards your goals; absorbing bumps and bruises along the way. Health is a complete state of harmony between body and mind and your body holds whatever tension you carry in your mind. So take care of it and give it some much needed TLC! Join us for a 45-min session where you’ll move and groove your way to release tension so you can go about your day feeling both energized and relaxed and keep moving towards your goals!

Thank You Heroes - Essential Workers Meditation

Online event

This is a meditation for all the essential employees everyone, working to keep our city safe, clean, equipped, and moving. Your work has always been essential, but your sacrifice now is greater than ever. In appreciation of all that you do, we are hosting a free, guided meditation session every Monday and Friday night, just for those in the essential industries. Your challenges, fears, and day-to-day experiences are unique, so we wish to offer unique support to you at this time. Maria, of New Jersey Meditation, will lead you through a guided meditation to discard unwanted images and accumulated stress in the mind. It is our humble way of giving back to you who have given so much. Join us online every Friday at 9pm for a chance to unwind and ease your mind. We look forward to seeing you there.

Words of Wisdom

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Reading and discussion to reflect, connect, and cultivate inner peace. Pour your morning tea or coffee and prepare to start your day off with a fresh, new point of view. This weekly book reading series aims to lighten your mind through words of wisdom from the sages. Tune in every Tuesday & Thursday morning to gain renewed optimism, a peaceful perspective and your daily dose of inspiration.

Better Sleep Meditation

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This soothing meditation will begin with a guided practice to gently let go of any thoughts or worries in the mind, followed by a progressive relaxation technique to ease tension in the body and drift into a restful night's sleep. Please sign up at: event.newyorkmeditation.org/bettersleepmeditation

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Meditation for Kids

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