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Around the Table Game Pub is a Lynnwood game store and meeting place for gamers, game enthusiasts, sci-fi and fantasy fans, beer drinkers and cider lovers. But we're more than just a pub, we want to grow a community of people who love these things as much as we do in the North King County/South Snohomish County area.

While many of these events will take place at our pub, feel free to add your own events elsewhere. Happy gaming!

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Around the Table Gamer Pub

Magic: The Gathering Standard Tournament

Around the Table Gamer Pub

Join us at 6:30pm for a Standard Tournament. What's a Standard Tournament? It's one where you're only allowed to use cards from the most recent sets. That way, you're on an even footing with the folks that have been playing for decades. The full rules can be found here: http://www.wizards.com/magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=judge/resources/sfrstandard Tournament entry is $8. All entry fees go back to the players in the form of prizes, and every player is guaranteed at least one pack!

Medieval Game Day

Around the Table Gamer Pub

All ages are welcome, and no experience is required. New games will be taught. Your host: Lynne. Our friend Lynne is hosting Medieval Game Day. She'll bring a teach a wide variety of games played throughout the world ... before the 16th Century. Games like: 9 Man Morris, Fox and Geese, Chasing the Girls, Tabula, The Game of the Goose, Backgammon, Mancala, Naftafl and many more! Occurs on the third Sunday of every month.

Magic Tournament

Around the Table Gamer Pub

Modern Horizons is upon us! What is Modern Horizons? Releasing June 14, Modern Horizons contains 249 new-to-Modern cards (254 total), with a mix of reprints not yet legal in Modern, and new cards that celebrate both Modern and Magic's rich history. These cards are going to be amazing in Modern, Commander, and casual games! Our Events! We’re running two different kinds of events for Modern Horizons. We have two sessions of PreRelease Drafts, and one session of Sealed, after the release. PreRelease Draft We’re running two of these, one on June 8th @ 6:30pm and the other on June 9th @ 6:00pm. The entry cost is $33 + tax and gets you 3 packs for the draft, plus one pack added to the prize pool. Prize pool packs will be distributed to the top half of the field, similar to our usual drafts, but in slightly small quantities. Sealed Event We’re running one Sealed tournament, thinking that it’ll be great fun, but also good practice for the Seattle Grand Prix coming a few days later. $50 + tax gets you six packs for the event on June 16th @ 6:00pm, and no prize packs. We’ll find some fun, bragging-rights prizes for the top spot or two. Packs and Boxes Boxes of Modern Horizons are available for PreOrder now! They can be picked up on June 8th or 9th and come with the amazing Flutterstorm Buy-a-Box promo! PreOrder boxes are $249.99. Boxes and packs are available for regular sale on June 14th, but the prices go up! Boxes will be $319.99 and individual packs will be $8.99.

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Friday Night Magic Booster Draft

Around the Table Gamer Pub

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