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This Meet-up fee: $100/Month ($500/ 6 Month) Starting January 2019.

30 Day Free Trial to Decide if this is for you: Every Saturday (1pm-3pm)

November 24th 2018 - December 24th 2018 (RSVP only)

at our Downtown Hartford, Connecticut Location.

330 Main St. Hartford, CT 06106 call: 860-724-7448 to RSVP

To honor Black Friday, I will deduct 10% off all fees until 11-25-18.


I am inviting you to my new meet-up.

1. Only (6) members per meet-up session.

2. Bi-weekly meetings, (2-3 hours), each month, for (6) months.

3. Roundtable/Brainstorming style meetings.

4. Located on my ground-floor office in Hartford, with parking.

5. All meet-ups must RSVP (No Walk-ins) – Call 860-724-7448 to Reserve.

6. The purpose is not just for you to get at lyric writing, But Jaxsn will be

pitching and making your lyrics available (if you desired), for someone to record

or you perform your lyrics, or you can perform/record It yourself.

This is much more valuable than being 1 of 20 or so people in the same room,

just to meet and greet and Have fun.

This meet-up is about taking your lyrics from your mind to a tangible product, then we will offer it to performers to record/perform it

(if they like it, this is why this is a workshop to develop your writing).

Workshop starts in January 2019, (It breaks down to under $20/hour)

Only (6) or less, lyric writers per Meet-up Session.

Sign up and RSVP the 30-day FREE trial period, which will give you a hands-on idea of what to expect, at our January 2019 Meet-ups.

To honor Black Friday, I will deduct 10% off all fees until 11-25-18

This is a Special Meet-up for the Seriously Interested.
this concept came in the summer of 2018, but the host decided to refine it

to make it more effective for the members.
The Meet-ups will be In roundtable / Brain Storming fashion.

Only (6) or fewer members per meet-up.
(if only (1) person shows up, more power to them
as they get one on one attention).

1. Only (6) Members per meet up. (This will provide more personal attention)
2. Each meet-up Last (2-3) hours, Twice Monthly.
3. Bring Recorder, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Paper, and/or Pens.
4. Unique Techniques, Homework, Performances, and more.
5. Fruit and Bottled Water will be available.
6. Contest with Prizes
7. $100/Mo or (6 Month or $500)
8. Nice Cozy Location
Parking available.

“This is a group for anyone interested in Creative Lyric Writing, for Songs, Poetry, etc.
All skill levels are welcome because the purpose is to Grow in areas we are lacking.

I am an experienced lyric writer (over 20 years, writing songs for clients.)

But I started this group to help others that have a desire to start or get deeper in

their lyric writing.

After attempting to start this meet-up, I had to make major adjustments to make this work effectively for everyone involved, and now I am happy to say after a few dry runs, this is it.

I am looking forward to exploring the thought in your mind and sharing my thoughts, and help it makes sense as it presents itself to the public.”

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