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Welcome from Barry! This group is for all people, people who can respect each others differences in thinking and share their ideas with enthusiasm and positive conversation. Whether you are liberal leaning or conservative, we would love to have you join us! Thinking Outside The Box is encouraged! We can disagree without being disagreeable and all grow from the experience that founded America, tolerance and diversity.

Our Goal - Remember when you were in middle school? Remember how you got to know a bunch of kids in your neighborhood and how you all felt a kind of camaraderie (even if that word was too big for you back then)? Remember how it felt to be able to tell a joke in class and know most everyone would laugh, because you knew each other? Our goal is to help us all re-create this casual intimacy of friendship, by sharing who you are and how you think in a positive, friendly, safe environment.

Discussion Topics change from event to event because the topics are created by the attendees at that event! The only thing the host will bring is pens and paper for you to write your questions on..... It's your fun time out. Make it happen with us! (you can even bring your question pre-written :-))

Our Venue and meeting time will be announced before each meeting. Events will run about 2 hours.

POLICY: If you are not reasonably sure you can attend please don't sign up until you know you can! If You RSVP for an event, and cannot show, PLEASE update your status. We frown upon last minute cancellations.

1) if who wish to monopolize the dialogue, this is group is not for you! We will not permit that.

2) You must post a photo to your profile, it may not be left blank or have a symbol in it!

3) We request that you bring two questions on folded paper for our 5 topic bags of questions: "Current Events (avoid politics)," "Light But Not Frivolous", "Psychology" and "Serious" such as science, philosophy and technology, "Relationships" (excluding current personal issues)." We will have pens and paper if you forget :-)

Membership Fees..... Meetup membership costs will be shared. Dues are currently a minimal $10/year. We reserve the right to remove inactive members (over 6 months...snowbirds exempt) - no refunds.

Membership Not Guaranteed...This group exists at our pleasure. We reserve the right to remove / block any member (https://www.meetup.com/guidelines/) who, in our opinion, has treated group members in a less than desirable manner. We maintain the right to do this without providing any explanation, written, verbal or otherwise.

WE FROWN ON NO SHOWS: There is no reason to NO SHOW if you RSVP'd. If you cannot cancel, tou can email / message me (Barry) on Meetup or call 561-705-4500. No-showing denies another member the opportunity to attend! If you No-Show us more than once, showing no respect for others, we will have the right to remove you from membership at our discretion!

INACTIVITY: Members who have not attended a meeting within 6 weeks of joining may be removed from our membership base without notice. You may then rejoin at anytime should you wish.

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