I, For One, Welcome Our New Bot Overlords - Microsoft's Bot Framework (Matt S.)


5:30 - 6:00: Pizza & Networking | 6:00 - 8:00: Presentation |

Presentation: I, For One, Welcome Our New Bot Overlords - An Intro to Microsoft's Bot Framework

Bots! They've been with us for a while and with the new frameworks from Google, Facebook and Microsoft it seems inevitable that they'll take over and rule the world... by ordering pizza from a chat window because somebody mentioned pepperoni! As developers, we may be humanity's last, best hope, of preventing this bleak future. Or will we enable it?

Ok, ok - the dystopian fantasy aside - bots are pretty darn cool and so are the frameworks around them. In this session, I'll share some practical advice learned from digging into Microsoft's Bot Framework to create Conversational User Interfaces, or bots. We'll look at both architectural and user experience best practices around designing a conversational bot, and what tools the SDK gives us, and if we're feeling brave enough - unleash the bot onto the unsuspecting public!

Speaker: Matthew Soucoup

Matthew is a Xamarin MVP from Madison, WI. He founded his company Code Mill Technologies and started the Madison Mobile .Net Developers Group. Matt regularly speaks on .Net and Xamarin development at user groups, code camps and conferences such as Xamarin Evolve, CodeMash and That Conference. Matt gardens hot peppers, rides bikes, and loves Wisconsin micro-brews and cheese.