What we're about

MAIN LINE SELF-PUBLISHING WORKSHOP is combination of Educational and Mastermind Group to help those with interest in and those already involved in Publishing to learn, share and leverage information to achieve their publishing goals. Members will be able to network with others, benefit from the successes (and failures) of others' efforts, learn about a variety of resources, and gain support for their own efforts.

The group will be useful for those starting their planning process and those who have already published.

What you receive from participating in this Self-Publishing Workshop/Mastermind Group:
• A structured plan outline for your publishing project, including the order in which you should do things
• A budgeting process that will help you manage the costs and maximize the returns from your project
• The knowledge to make an informed decision on whether to set up your own publishing company and the reference resources to do so
• Important details and instructions on how to format your book to save you up to 30 hours of time in reformatting (and re-reformatting)
• An understanding of what tasks need to be performed as a self-published author; ways to determine which ones to do yourself and which ones to outsource
• How to create a dynamic cover and where to get great photography or art for your book
• An understanding of how to use social media as an author,which channels to focus on and why you need to separate it from the social media you use now
• Lists of resources for nearly every element in book publishing
• The opportunity to network, learn from and share experiences with a group of other authors who have or are planning to self-publish

This workshop will save you its cost multiple times over through the money you save in publishing choices, through saved time and the frustration of doing things over and over again. It will also help you understand how to market your book better.

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