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Are you a single person over 50, or a couple in a similar age range, that would love to camp, fish, and/or explore Utah and surrounding states, but you would like someone similar to go with?

Do you have an RV, a trailer, or camping equipment? Let’s Go!


MATURE CAMPERS has discovered folks who would love to get together for a 2-4 day trip into the backwoods, find a fresh stream, explore hiking trails, or visit a National or State Park. Some of us are good at hiking, while others are better at sitting around a campfire…and we all have stories to tell. The idea is companionship and fresh air, as well as enjoying nature together in our great State, and you don't need to be in great shape!


We adhere to the CDC guidelines for social distancing, being outdoors, keeping things clean and isolated, and wearing face coverings (optional). All campers should bring their own food (no potluck meals) and have their own sleeping accommodations. We will have an opportunity to attend check-ins twice daily - one check-in at the host's site at 8:00 am, and one check-in at a volunteer's site at 8:00 pm each day (please contact the host of the trip to volunteer for an evening check-in. All that is required is to allow campers to come to your site to check-in at 8:00 pm. It is up to you if you would like to build a fire, invite other campers to sit and talk for awhile, allow snacking, etc. Volunteers are not obligated to do/provide any of these things.)

***now back to our regularly scheduled programming:***

We plan trips on three levels:

***Some people like to attend festivals, events, museums, and visit new areas and camp nearby;

***Some people would like to be in nature exploring, hiking, and sitting around a campfire with some basic facilities;

***Some people would like to find a flat place to pitch a tent with no facilities needed.

We will plan all three types of trips. We will identify campsites, trails, and scenic drives, make reservations when necessary, and members can sign up in groups of 2-4 (or more) as often as they want to go. We provide the opportunity to connect and get organized.

We also have connections with national groups that promote the RV and outdoors lifestyle, and who get together periodically for rallies and fun, so we might also make an adventure out of it and join them.


It is free to join our Meetup group for 6 months and get to know us. If you would like to continue, please participate by becoming a dues paying member, with dues of $10 a year.

We are always looking for people who would like to be a trip organizer, so if you know of a really great place to camp, please contact us and share your favorite spot!

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Mt. Timpanogos - Timpooneke Campground

Timpooneke Campground

Tony Grove Campground August 19-21

Tony Grove Campground

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