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See our "Pages" tab above and our message board for some additional information accessible to people who have not yet been admitted to our MAWDC Meetup group here (

IMPORTANT: See legal liability notice at bottom of this description of the organization. You will be admitted to the MAWDC Meetup group on application after confirming by email response your personal assumption of risks related to participation in this meetup group. The acknowledgement that we will send you before admission also appears at the bottom of this group description.

The Mycological Association of Washington's meetup group (the "MAWDC Meetup group") is a group for people interested in wild mushroom collecting in and around Washington DC. This group is operated by members of the Mycological Association of Washington (“MAW”), a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed and operated to support public education about mycological interests. See . In addition to wild mushroom collecting (“forays”) MAW (and MAWDC Meetup members) enjoy walking in the woods, cooking wild foods, learning about the science of mycology and related matters, and meeting others with similar interests.

You can join the MAWDC Meetup group without being a member of MAW, but if you find this at all interesting, you would enjoy being a member of MAW too. For more details of benefits of being a MAW member, see this Page (

This group will include notices and organizing for MAW-sponsored events that are open to persons who are not MAW members -- but some activities will be limited to active MAW members or will charge a fee to non-MAW members for participation.

Participation in the MAWDC Meetup group is subject at all times to the following waiver and release:

Your participation in the Meetup group (the “Group”) sponsored by the Mycological Association of Washington (“MAW”) constitutes a continuing acknowledgment that you are aware that (a) the identification of wild mushrooms always carries with it the risk that a mushroom may be misidentified, (b) consuming a mushroom that has been incorrectly identified creates a risk of personal injury, including serious illness (up to and including an untimely death), and (c) eating mushrooms and other foraged foods, even if correctly identified, involves a risk of illness, injury or death as a result of personal sensitivity (including allergy or harmful interaction with other medicines you may be taking). In consideration for your acceptance as a member of the Group and/or participation in any activities sponsored by MAW or the Group and their respective members, you agree to, and do, personally assume all risks arising from these activities and agree to release, hold harmless, and indemnify the Group, MAW and any of their officers and members from any and all legal responsibility for injuries or accidents suffered by you, your family members or any minor child under your care during or as a result of any activity conducted or facilitated by the Group or MAW, including but not limited to use of information provided by the Group and MAW directly or in their sponsored websites, and all activities involving mushroom collection, identification or consumption.

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