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The Existentialists-Were they right?What can we learn from them? [Host: Garrett]
• What we'll do Existentialism was a largely influential movement in the 20th century. I was taught it was a revolt against religious doctrine and dogma which said everyone's purpose in life was to serve god, though as you'll see if you read my paper apparently this view is disputed. What I don't think is disputed is that existentialists didn't believe there was any purpose to life. While I think they were right to reject a doctrine of a single purpose for all human beings, I think they were wrong about the idea that there's no purpose to life -- I think there's as much purpose as we want there to be in our lives, and will share my thoughts and get everyone's reflections / opinions at this meetup. some optional reading (its short - 5 minute read): Agenda: * Agree on what existentialism's fundamental bases were * If there's no universal meaning to life, does that necessarily mean there's no meaning? Can't we decide on our own meaning to life? * If we're empowered to come up with our own meaning to life, are there guidelines we should use when choosing a purpose to our life (eg if someone says their purpose is to hurt as many innocent people as possible, is that ok? I'll argue no). We will split into groups of 10 or less for more fluid, deep conversation. I look forward to discussing this fascinating topic with you all! Kind regards, Garrett

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The aim of this meetup is to bring together Myers Briggs Type Indicator enthusiasts from the New York City area so they can get to know the 16 types.

These types are:

ISTJ ( - Duty Fulfillers
ESTJ ( - Guardians
ISFJ ( - Nurturers
ESFJ ( - Caregivers
ISTP ( - Mechanics
ESTP ( - Doers

ESFP ( - Performers
ISFP ( - Artists (
ENTJ ( - Executives
INTJ ( - Scientists
ENTP ( - Visionaries
INTP ( - Thinkers
ENFJ ( - Givers
INFJ ( - Protectors
ENFP ( - Inspirers
INFP ( - Idealists

Group History: This group started out with a focus on INFP's only, but that was rather narrow, and the meetups were found to be ultimately more rewarding if any and all of the 16 types could interact.

These meetups are intended to be non-structured, informal and allow for maximum interaction between members. However, those who wish and feel qualified to give a presentation on a relevant topic, are welcome to schedule it in advance by contacting the organizer. Members frequently talk about subjects besides MBTI. The main topic of this Meetup serves more as a starting point for discussion rather than as an end in itself. People are free to mingle and talk with whomever they find interesting. All personality types are equally welcome. This is the place to be if you'd like to socialize with people who wish to understand oneself and other personalities better.

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