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Waldorf, MD

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Sep 14, 2011


Proud owner of 2011 Silver Ice Volt 0063. Took delivery December 18, 2010. LOVE IT!

Do you own transportation that plugs in? (Y or N)

I own a 2011 Volt, Serial Number 63.

Which Make/Model of plug-in do you own, if any (EV, e-motorcycle, e-bike, e-scooter, etc.)?

I have a Volt

What are your main reasons for being interested in electric transportation?


If you have a plug-in, how do you charge it at home?

I have a Level 2 Voltec Charger from SPX. I took advantage of the 50% Tax Credit in 2010. I had my local electrician install it, so it was limited to a one year warranty, which has now expired. To date, I've had ZERO issues with it.