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Saturday Badminton @ Chelsea Rec. Center 11:45 AM - 2:00 PM
Venue: Chelsea Recreation Center (bring a lock, necessary) Day/Time: Saturday, 1145 - 1400 Hrs 430 West 25th Street New York, NY (Alternate Time & Venue for those who'd like to play more): Tony DaPolito Recreation Center Day/Time: Saturday, 1400 - 1630 Hrs Players of all level are welcome. PS: I will generally be there. Expect anywhere from 4 - 10 people who are not members of this group to be playing with us. Membership to NYC Recreations Centers is required. $25 for 12 months (young adults 18 years - 24 years) $75 for 6 months. $150 for 12 months. Come out, make new friends, have a good time, get healthy. :) To get a membership you will need an ID & Credit Card. Other forms of payment may work, but am not sure. FYI: - badminton racquets and shuttles are available at Paragon Sports and NYC Racquet Sports. - it is nice if everyone brings some shuttles, preferably feathered Yonex Aerosensa or Aeroplane Black. - ask the staff and they will direct you to the badminton courts.

Chelsea Rec Center

430 West 25th Street · New York, NY

What we're about

Come join in on the fun with the New York City Badminton ,Tennis & ,Tennis, Ice Skating, Fun Indoor and Outdoor Group for Fun, Practice, and Games. We play indoor Badminton year around at different location in New York City.

Some location is FREE for indoor Badminton and some location, you have to buy membership from City of New York, Parks dept. for $50.00 for six month or $100.00 for one full year from the age 18 to 62 year & $25.00 for over 62 year. Some location they charged $75.00 for six month or$150.00 for one full year that include the indoor pool.

Outdoor Badminton and Speedminton at Central Park from April to October and its free.

For Tennis, you have to buy permit from NYC,Parks dept, Recreation play in their different location ground.
For WALKING : WE walk in Central Park- 6 miles and Westside Hudson River from Statues of Liberty to 42 nd street.

Speedminton is an outdoor version of Badminton. Our Speedminton games are competitively fun but light-hearted in nature. We often laugh more at ourselves than at each other so don't be afraid to join us -- if you haven't done so already.

Meet other Badminton Players. Singles or doubles, with or without a net, rules, etc. Much is to be determined by the participants, their objectives and (leisure vs. competition). experience and how competitive. Are you there to have fun or to win? A little of both.

You have to bring your racquet and Birdie to play. If you do not have one, You can borrow from me (I have 3 extra only) You can buy from $9.99 and up at Sports Authority or Modells Sports or any other sports stores.

Our meet up group is fast, free and Fun! All levels Welcome in this friendly group.

We do Walking group,Tennis group and One day gateway trip in weekend(offered by Metro North Railroad and New York State Dept. of Tourism.

I also created another FIVE meet up group.



Join in my other group for (1)Travel-for-free (2) One day Gateways trip most under $30.00 :

Join in my other group for 3 to 6 Mile Walking in Central Park MOST SUNDAYS AT 2 PM and some event walk next to Hudson River westside,Manhattan,NY ,walk on Brooklyn,Manhattan bridge and other bridges around our city:

Join in my other group for:

Join in my new walking meetup group members over 2100 + members. Please join:


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I hope you find this free meet up group with useful information by different events.Please attend end enjoy.

All these events are free except if any event with dining at diner or any restaurent to eat,you have to pay for your food whatever you eat their.

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