Saturday Badminton @ Tony DaPolito Rec. Center 2 PM - 4:30 PM


Venue: Tony DaPolitio Recreation Center (bring a lock, necessary)
Day/Time: Saturday, 1400 - 1630 Hrs

1 Clarkson St
New York NY

(Alternate Time & Venue for those who'd like to play more:
Chelsea Recreation Center (3rd Floor)
Day/Time: Saturday, 1200 - 1400 Hrs
430 W 25th St,
New York, NY 10001)

Players of all level are welcome.

PS: I may or may not be there, talk to people and they will show you the ropes, very friendly people.

Expect anywhere from 4 - 10 people who are not members of this group to be playing with us.

Membership to NYC Recreations Centers is required.

$25 for 12 months (young adults 18 years - 24 years)
$75 for 6 months.
$150 for 12 months.

Come out, make new friends, have a good time, get healthy. :)

To get a membership you will need an ID & Credit Card. Other forms of payment may work, but am not sure.


- badminton racquets and shuttles are available at Paragon Sports and NYC Racquet Sports.
- it is nice if everyone brings some shuttles, preferably feathered Yonex Aerosensa or Aeroplane Black.
- ask the staff at Tony DaPolito and they will direct you to the badminton courts. - badminton racquets may be borrowed at the center (no charge).
- When you come in, please sign in for a spot to play.
- There are NO Trials. Staff can provide a tour of the facilities, but they will NOT allow you to play without a membership.

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