LOCATION UPDATE: We will meet on the NW corner of the 72nd St. and 5th Avenue entrance. I will have a green yoga mat and a red/white striped bag. At 11:05 we will walk to a nice spot behind the benches. If you arrive after 11:05, look for us on the path a few benches down from the entrance. The path will veer left and right--go left. Find us under the shade in the open field.

I am so excited to host this! In this workshop you will train your mind in order to manage stress. You will learn it in a practical, down to Earth, day to day practice you can implement into your daily life--on the train or bus, etc.

In developing the skill to meditate you can accomplish improve your memory, focus, and health. You can also achieve your goals by managing your thoughts.

Please bring whatever you need to be comfortable--blanket, towel, hat, socks, etc. AND ALWAYS bring and drink plenty of water during and after as you will be working out your brain and body.

Suggested donation: $5

See you soon!