What we're about

MELEBC is an attracting group with trusting people who comes from different backgrounds to build a harmony society. 人际关系沟通良好,成功的机率自然高。 Languages are used for effective communication, extend for many meaningful interactions. Build up friendship and trust, expand social networks, benefit to yourself and people around you, to love and be loved. 宇宙是一大圆圈,你放出去什么,将来都会回到自己的身上,所以你要别人善待你,你首先就要先喜欢别人。Life influences life. Contribute what you can contribute. Help those you can help. 人要惜福,知福,再造福,还要借缘,知缘,再造缘。

We are more than just a language exchange group, it can be anything from sharing business idea to culture appreciation. We believe human relationship ("Guan Xi") is more important than anything else, we want to truly appreciate the time with each of you rather than spending the time to build a group with big no. of members. So, very please to meet you in our meetup! ^0^

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