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MENASANA is a union of the words "men" and "asana" (a yoga pose). We are a group of men, from all races, religions, sexual orientations and walks of life. What unites us is our belief in yoga and the lifestyle it represents. By the way, did you know that the word "yoga" actually means "to bond"?

​MENASANA is a "tribe" that seeks to unify all men and blur the lines between any learned, inherited or socially imposed ideas of masculinity or other male expectations.

MENASANA is simply a group of guys that love yoga, fullness of life and who desire to share those experiences together. Yoga classes, workshops and seminars are held online and are taught by instructor Clark Cameron-Gonzalez. Social outings are planned to just "hang out", after yoga practice, and learn each other's stories. There are also opportunities to support your local community through charity involvement.

MENASANA is for you if: you love yoga and a lifestyle of wellness (or at least want to try...even if you're new!)--are looking for a social alternative to meet new people (and possibly even make a good friend or two--online or in person)--and who believe in and support the equality of all men regardless of background.

If this is you, then we invite you to join and become a MENASANA yogi!

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