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This group is for everyone interested in connecting with your Spiritual Guides or Guardian Angels through Metaphysics. Guardians and Guides are Divine Beings of love and they follow us everywhere we go. We will show you how to interact with your guides and how to make them more prominent in your daily life. We will explore and learn more in depth life lessons through Metaphysics and your Spiritual Journey and your Higher self. We can answer any questions you may have regarding the Spiritual World, also known as the Invisible World and explain any Metaphysical phenomenon you may have encountered. We will help individuals to receive tangible proof of the Spiritual World to strengthen their beliefs and faiths.

Our goals are to examine various Metaphysical phenomenon originated from the Spiritual World that has not been adequately explained, to share experiences and knowledge with everyone to clarify any misunderstandings of the Spiritual World that has constantly been the root of superstitions and to assist those who have been predestined to encounter Metaphysics. We offer services in Spiritual Connection with your Angels and Spiritual Guides, Spiritual reading, Life Reading, Dream Interpretation, Geomancy, House cleansing, Spirit invoking, Past Life Reading and Contacting Lost Love Ones.

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"Where Do We all go from Here, a SOUL'S Pilgrimage"

1701 E Paradise Ln

"Where Do We all go from Here, a SOUL'S Pilgrimage" Once we pass from this life, this existence, we do we go? What does the world religions say, what does the Atheist believe, and the spiritual people? Our Soul must have a destination, a pilgrimage that it's drawn to... Please join us for this Enlightening Presentation. We hope everyone will be able to attend and bring your Spiritual Seeker Friends. Please RSVP to the MeetUP and please do not hesitate to email us back if you have any questions... Please be punctual and arrive on time as the Presentation will start right at 6 pm. Guest coming for the first time, please come around 5:30 so that we can greet and meet you. ZOOM event for those out of state. Please contact Michael or Jessica with your contact info so that we can send you a Zoom link. Thank you,

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