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Bonfire on a horse farm

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All are welcome. Look for an old red barn and white fences. Please park around the U-shaped driveway, or on the north shoulder of Joy Road. Bring a folding chair and dress warmly. We'll start the fire around 8:00!!!

Call if you get lost:[masked] (*delete extra 1).

Optional: bring drinks and snacks to pass around the fire, or something to cook on a stick (hotdogs and buns, s'more stuff). I'll have a table setup. If you bring anything to share, please set it on the table.

If you have a carrot or an apple to spare, one of the horses will love you. Don't go in with them, you will be trampled. Also, please don't touch the high-voltage fencing!

There is a porta-potty alongside the barn.

I could also use a few people to show up early for Tough Mudder practice. Here are some events we can try:

To practice for this we will form a human chain, then I'll grab the 10,000-volt horse fence (joking).

On second thought, let's not practice this one... and please stay out of the pond too!

There are a bunch of logs I need moved closer to the bonfire area. As a bonus, I'll instruct you in the use of a splitting maul and sledgehammer. Please wear boots and gloves, and safety glasses.

We actually do have a wall to practice on! It's only 6' right now, but I can quickly make it 8-10' if that's not challenging enough. I can barely scale it at the current height. Wear gloves and watch out for splinters!

If you can show up around 6-6:30 to help get things ready, or to climb the wall, please leave a comment.

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