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Special Bonus for MAC members: for the months of April and May, anyone new to my Friday night VB, who is not yet a member of Metro Detroit Athletes (my sports group) can play with us for free. I will wave the $5 I have to charge everyone in order to pay for the courts. My goal is to introduce new people to the sport who might not normally play. But I don’t want everyone to know, so when I come to you to collect your money, just whisper to me that you are part of this special promotional offer and I’ll mark your hand like everyone else. Of course, if you have a great time and $5 is nothing to you, I’d still appreciate it, but you are under no obligation. Burning calories while having fun and meeting great people, what’s not to love?

I will only announce this event once, but it will happen every single Friday, rain or shine, until Halloween.

*Note: If I do make a profit this year on this event (last year lost $160 but a wonderful person made up the difference for me:-), all proceeds from MAC members will go toward either the annual Manistee backing trip, or other large MAC events that have shortfalls.

I know it's early, but the weather won’t be that bad (in the 60s) and I secured our Friday nights at the same location as always, although it now has new ownership and a new name, Ringers Sports Complex (I think) and I think it will be better than ever. We will soon get new sand, new nets, better drink specials, and more. However, this Friday will be the same old stuff and it might be a little cold. Wear sweats and maybe even shoes if you like. But I’m just happy to be outside again, regardless. And if you don’t like crowds, I’m sure it won’t be too full in the beginning. We will be here from now on until Halloween, at which time we’ll go back indoors and pick up right where we left off.

We play until dark and sometimes even later using the lights. When you pay your $5 in cash I will mark your hand. EVERYONE is welcome to play, including friends of friends, but please pay attention to the court designations below so that everyone has the best time possible. If you find yourself playing on the wrong court and someone else points this out to you, please don’t take offense. We were all beginners once. We’re all here to have fun. And remember, this is a bar, so don’t try sneaking in alcohol, you’ll get caught. I can’t wait to start playing with all my old VB friends while also making new ones every evening. See you soon.

COURT 1: (near bar) advanced doubles (or 3s when it's busy) court, play to 21, winning team can stay once, no team can stay more than two games (if people are waiting for that court), keep it moving fast, interested players should make sure current players know they want to play next game. No setting serves, no set over, strict VB rules apply. This court should never be empty (with people waiting). People should feel free to swap places with court 2 players when they are finished. Just don’t waste time. When it gets busy, I’ll have a signup sheet to keep things ordered and fair.
COURT 2: intermediate court, you must know the basic rules of bumping, setting, and hitting. We try to keep it to 4s, but once it’s crowded, up to 6 to a team. Even if you are athletic and fast, if you find yourself getting called for carrying the ball more than once, you need to practice more on court 3. YOU MUST FOLLOW VB RULES TO STAY ON COURT 2. Court 2 is for people who have played at least 50 proper games and know how to bump and set properly.
COURT 3: for everyone else, everyone is welcome here. Play up to 6 per a team, and you can rotate in a seventh player. Even in the middle of a game, you should welcome in new players because play isn’t that serious. Here is where newer players learn proper vb techniques. Players who are more experienced should be encouraging and help beginners hit and set properly, unless of course they don’t want to hear it. There are no calls for bad sets or hits, but please try not to touch the net, and absolutely call the ball so people don’t end up colliding with each other. No matter what, we won’t to avoid all possibility of injuries.

You can arrive at any time and we play until dark. Many people arrive as early as 4:30PM (probably more next month). That’s the best time to start if you want to beat the crowds. If you are new and haven’t yet experienced the awesomeness of Friday night vb, then you are in for a treat. If I were you, I’d start now before the crowds get big during June and July. And if you are already on the wed night league, this is a great place to practice. The courts are private and kept in great condition. I personally put a lot of money up front to secure us the coveted Friday night time slot so, just like before, I will be collecting $5 from everyone. But if you think about it, that’s less than $2/hr for some of the best sand vb around. We will be playing every Friday until the end of October, rain or shine, unless there are lightning storms or something. I'm guessing you'll get all the court time you want in bad weather:-)