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What we're about

Public Group

The MIDAS Property Club (MPC) is a social group is open to any member of the public with interest in the Property industry. We welcome novice investors still thinking of getting their first property and experienced investors with multi million pounds portfolio. Although are called East and North London Meetup, our discussions are by no means limited to the North/East London. That said, we will attempt to explore the Property potentials of North and East of London.

Who is this Event Aimed At?

1) Experienced Landlords with multi-million pound portfolios across the UK
2) Landlords with single or multiple Buy-to-Let properties
3) Local Investors and Developers
4) Professional HMO Landlords
5) Rent-2-Rent operators
6) Financial Advisers and Mortgage Brokers
7) Bridging Loan providers
8) Joint Venture experts
9) Local Estate Agents
10) Novice Investors wanting to learn from the above group

Our Aims and Objectives:

Our main objective at MIDAS Property Club ( MPC) networking events is to provide a neutral platform for people at various stages of their property journey to network with each other and learn. We strongly believe we all have something to learn from each other.

Our events are all about content, about motivating each other and getting to know potential Joint Venture partners. We, the organisers of MPC have nothing to sell! You will not get any upselling of training courses or other services. However, we don’t mind those with products and services to sell doing so during our events, as long as they do so in a respectful way i.e. not too pushy.

Desired speakers:

All members are encouraged to volunteer to be Speakers or suggest good Speakers we can invite.
* Experts in any aspect of Property industry
* Entrepreneurs and anyone with any success story they wish to share
* Any motivational Speakers

Do’s and Don’ts for Speakers:

Do: Just-do-it to your best ability, any speaker brave to stand up and speak is a good speaker
Don't: Please, no pushy selling.

We are always looking for ways to improve our events so don't forget to send us your feedback by filling out the survey or by sending an email to:

Sam: sam@midaspropertyclub.com

Sylvana: sylvana@midaspropertyclub.com

Ore: ore@midaspropertyclub.com

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