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We are running every week soccer volleyball and badminton.
SKILL LEVEL: A wide variety of skill levels from beginner to expert, although most games tend to have a higher-than-beginner skill level. Absolute beginner's should explore games that have a smaller amount of players, as the larger games may be too intense for you.

LOCATIONS: Locations are always a mix of outdoor/indoor, public/private, free/paid. There are no geographic limitations in this group, but naturally everything follows a Mississauga Game postings tend to be made with geographic info in the front of the title (like a neighborhood name).

WHAT TO BRING: If attending any game as a player, please bring water, 2 t-shirts (light & dark) and proper shoes for the surface conditions. If you have a ball, bring it! Oh and don't forget some cash for beer after games =).


Of course, rule #1: BE SAFE and RESPECTFUL

But more specifically...

no slide tackling,
no pushing/elbow/tripping,
bring two different color shirts,
If you RSVP please show up (and on-time),
If you can't make it turn-off your RSVP,
respect calls made by your team or of the other team,
call your own fouls,
keep it friendly,

This group has been super honorable and respectful for years with no known major incidents. To keep it like that, please read the below:


Any person taking part in this group, specifically events posted on this group, does so at their own risk. This group is a forum to display event advertisements and the group itself is not directly involved in the organization and operation of each individual event. Any issues, conflicts, emergencies, injuries or calamities that occur during n event are the domain of those participating in that event, the organizer(s) and the property owners.

Finally, just for a cherry on top, here are the Meetup terms of service that everyone has agreed to when they first registered their Meetup account. https://www.meetup.com/terms(https://www.meetup.com/terms/) A part of Section 6 goes as follows: “You also agree not to hold organizers responsible for their negligence in connection with their Content, a Meetup group, or Meetup event.

Upcoming events (5+)

VOLLEYBALL INDOOR 5$ for 2 hrs of fun

St. Faustina Elementary School


Come by for a fun game of indoor volleyball. Players need to know how to serve. Guys pls press the buzzer if you are late Please send your payment to [masked] 1 day prior to the event.

Badminton beginner Intermediate/Adv 2019 FRIDAY $6

Churchill Meadows P.S.


Hi All , please note that we dont have beginner at this location. Please send payment at least 36 hrs before the activities start at [masked]. Entrace by gym side near parking lot Door #10. Else you will loose your rsvp.

Soccer INDOOR Turf Sunday 8am 10$ for 2 hrs of fun

Erin Mills Soccer Club

We will be starting our turf indoor at Erin mills soccer club.We make 3 teams of 6 players and we follow a rotation. [masked] at least 3 days before the activity starts. No cleats, only turf or sport shoes please.

Soccer INDOOR Dome 10 V 10 Sunday 815 Pm 14$

6750 Century Ave


We will be starting our turf indoor . [masked] at least 3 days before the activity starts. No cleats, only turf or sport shoes please.

Past events (423)

Soccer FUTSAL thursday 8 pm 8 v 8 8 $ for 2 hrs of fun

École secondaire Jeunes sans frontieres


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