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Please note that this group is not concerned with "Kundalini Yoga" nor in practicing any particular type of yoga. Rather, this is a group for those people that are living with Kundalini and associated phenomenon or think they may be. See wikipedia definition if you are not familiar with the term, but really it is just a term and this group is interested in the energy and shift of awareness aspects.


Kundalini awakening and associated phenomenon can result from meditation, yoga, spiritual practices, self-inquiry, reading spiritual texts, via shaktipat or transmission, or perhaps you were minding your own business and had intense energy experiences, or expansions of consciousness. Living with awakened Kundalini can be challenging as well as amazing. Kundalini activation is the esoteric goal of many different styles and lineages of yoga, but it is also present in many different cultures and religions under different names. The term "Kundalini" is used to provide a model for reassurance/explanation as well as navigation for some of the interesting and challenging spiritual things that a person can experience.

Group is non-judgmental as well as non-dogmatic and is not focused or affiliated with any particular teacher or tradition. Note there are a number of Kundalini teachers with a history of abusing students and we urge careful research and listening to your inner guide if you are seeking out a teacher. Ultimately, the teacher is within, but we can also learn from and support each other in the spirit of community.

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