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Each month read a chosen book related to "Millennial Life." Book topics include (but are not limited to) first 'career-type' jobs, dating in the digital age, financial stresses, the mindfulness craze, international affairs, etc.

The Book Club is intended for adults ages 25 - 35.


Why a book club for Millennials?

After moving back home to the midwest, I began searching for a book club to join. It seemed like a great way to meet new friends and push myself to read more. However, I just couldn’t find a good fit. Many book clubs in the area only picked best-sellers, skewed towards an older audience or just existed as an excuse to drink on a Tuesday night. None of those things are wrong per-se, but they didn’t suit me. So, with the help of the app “Meetup” and a great friend from high-school, MKE Millennial Book Club was formed.

The most difficult part of creating the book club was not planning logistics (choosing a restaurant, marketing, coordinating, etc.) -- but was selecting which books to read. How do you choose a book which summarizes or represents the ‘Millennial’ experience? Do you choose only authors of a certain age? Does the main character have to do yoga, use Uber and attend music festivals? Do we focus on the tumultuous political, environmental, cultural and economic problems that our generation faces?

The answer is all of the above. Certainly, the book characters will exhibit some or all of these traits. However, the ‘Millennial’ experience cannot be limited to or represented by one stereotype. It is a shared experience which crosses borders, covers a spectrum of race, gender, economic status, political views, traditions, physical and mental abilities and so on.

Therefore, our reading selection must reflect our difference and celebrate our similarities. The best way to do that is to get your input! What books resonate with you? Which authors give this generation a voice? Do you want a fun beach read to escape? Or, dig into heavier issues of the day?

The best way to provide feedback is to e-mail us directly (mke.millennial@gmail.com), follow our Goodreads page or post on the Meetup discussion board. We currently have 60 books on our Goodreads shelf, but 60 books certainly can’t define a generation.

We look forward to seeing you at our next book club discussion and until then, happy reading!

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