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MDI: Intro to Civic Hacking

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Combining forces with Milwaukee Tech Engine and Python MKE, MDI is proud to present our first class: Intro to Civic Hacking. This will be an intro to civic hacking (the legal kind) with Python, led by our own @version2beta (! This is for the novice or beginner coder, and for novice to intermediate civic hackers.

We'll work in pairs, so bring a computer or a partner with a computer. Linux, Mac, and Windows are all supported. If you'd like to get a head start on the installation, go to and .

Some programs are never meant to be written. Often we just have a bunch of data that we need to crunch or parse or munge or just understand better. Python, and the iPython Notebook give us some excellent tools for exploring a problem domain from the inside out, using a powerful scripting language that's still considered 'the easiest programming language to learn'. In this presentation, we'll work hands-on with iPython and the Pandas data analysis library to explore some 'big data' and see what kind of answers we can tease out of it.

About Rob Martin (version2beta)
"Rob Martin wrote his first professional program in 1982, at age 13. He charged $30. Over the next year, that program saved the company over $3 million dollars. Rob Martin now thinks he may have underbid that project.
"30+ years later, Rob's written many more programs for industry and web. He underbid a lot of those too, but he had some fun along the way.

These meetups are a chance to showcase how people and organizations are using and producing data in interesting or innovative ways. Let us know if you want to host a meetup!

Anyone can attend (designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, mobile developers, idea folks, social media people). We'll pick places with beer and food generally, and definitely places with WiFi.