Sunday Open Meditation 1: Braving the Wilderness, The Work of Brene Brown


Join us this Sunday for a discussion of Fitting In versus Belonging. My first instinct is to think about these two as similar but Brene Brown considers them opposites. Braving The Wilderness is about summoning the courage through vulnerability to be exactly who you are instead of trying to fit in. To Brene, this sounds like, "I want to belong, I want to be part of something bigger than me" AND "I'm willing to stand alone when I need to." Visit to see what we've been exploring!

Brene Brown is a grounded research practitioner and author of numerous books. She explores how people can live authentic, wholehearted lives. Her conclusions lend themselves to mindful practices that cultivate these qualities.

August 4, Daring Greatly - Exploring and Embracing Vulnerability For Authentic Living

August 11, Rising Strong - Connecting Through Our Shared Experience

August 18, Braving the Wilderness - Going Within to Discover What Matters

MLUC's Sunday Open Meditation 1 is open to everyone, beginners or experienced meditators, Church members or visitors. We begin with a short meditation (10 minutes), explore a topic together, and then conclude with a longer (20-25 minutes) meditation.

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