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Turtle Journey - Shamanic Guided Group Meditation

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Turtle Journey

Shamanic Guided Group Meditation


Those who journey with Turtle will know the perpetual nature of life and it's continuous regeneration, both planetary and physical. It is important to note the endurance and tolerance of Turtle; she is very forgiving, understanding, and gentle but not gullible. She has managed to maintain the same general characteristics for millennia, adapting to the earth's upheavals and evolutionary processes. She sees clearly, having a deep earthy understanding about what is going on around her. Turtle is eternally youthful without being childlike. Comforting, maternal, and soothing, she exemplifies compassion. Yet her greatest gift is her service to future generations, through her diligent attention to the ongoing proliferation of life. All beings struggle to bring forth new life, and turtles exemplify the tenacity and strength required to fulfill their exhausting reproductive function. They accomplish this task without expectation of either success or failure.

Join us for a special meditation led by Rosario. We focus this week on the healing power of Turtle. We use the vibration of the Sacred Medicine Drum. We aim to calm the mind and open our intuition where amazing insights and inner wisdom are revealed.

Everyone is welcome. No experience needed. We are a group of individuals gathering in a supportive sacred space. One hour only. Doors open at 7:20 p.m., meditation starts at 7:30, ends promptly at 8:30.

Energy exchange $10. If you check in on your smartphone once you arrive only $5. This fee helps with the cost of the overhead of the space so we can keep community nights going for everyone.

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