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Are We Ready For The Coming Age of Abundance

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SIG Sat Jan 25

Video: Are We Ready For the Coming 'Age of Abundance?' the Future of Business -1 hr?

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First 15 minutes is a dialogue by Gabriel Byrnes setting the stage for the panel moderated by Tom Stewart, followed by 45 minutes of Panel discussion. During this discussion panel members are given 5 or so minutes to give a view of the future from their perspective. They are then allowed to discuss the different view among themselves, with some disagreement. The moderator also chips in with questions of his own.

Although dated, but sometime after 2005, this video provides some insightful and valuable information and is still true.


Michio Kaku is the particle physicist co-founders of string field and the author of "The Physics of the Future." - His a bright rewarding future is based on cyberspace, robots, computers and Intellectual Capitalism

Michael Schrage is a research fellow at MIT's Sloan school's center for digital business. He looks at the future from the perspective of the new on line digital environment. Formal education my not be required. Exploitation of the market with new technologies will have a direct effect on business and policy.

Isabel Aguilera led Dell to the top of the computing market in Spain Portugal, Spain and Italy in 2001 - We need to use technology to transform knowledge to abundance.

Peter Diamandis: is head of the X Foundation, which gives million dollar prizes for firsts in technology. Power will be in the hands of small groups - When photovoltaic energy is cheaper than coal energy will be available cheap and universal allowing the creation of resources e.g. clean cheap water by distilling ocean water, to give us a world of abundance

Questions Attendees should ponder:

1 Are we in a period of economic stagnation?

2 Are today's 's students educated enough to thrive in this new environment?

3 Are you?

4 If you were granted a large some of money, where would you invest it?

5 what new form of collaboration do you think might exist in the future?

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