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In this new day and age of COVID 19, we are NOW having in person meetings. Need to bring your own mask.

What are YOUR goals to be a Real Estate Investor:

1) Enhanced lifestyle, Clear vision of Financial freedom, VIP experience, The "Secret Sauce"

2) Being part of a Investor community, Volunteering more, More family time(Vacations)

3) You want the Best System for investors. Best back office. Best source at finding Leads. Best Education

4) Have your Friends & Family come to You for information. People want what you Have.

5) Security for Your family, Proof that it Works, Focus on YOUR big picture, Solve other peoples problems

Do you own a business already? We have a system that can improve your sales. Improve your marketing campaigns.

What we're about:
We are a local a group of independent real estate investors and marketing professionals who work together and help others to build generational wealth through financial literacy, business ownership and investing in real estate.

You must RSVP via the link we email you to register and receive the ZOOM address for our events. It would help to download ZOOM on your computer or phone Before start times. I know people like to send "Fake" E-Mail address, But it does have to be accurate. We have ZOOM meeting from the East to West Coast.

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Knowledge is Power. You Don't know what You don't know.

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