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Stalking and Natural Camouflage
• What we'll do Moving silently in a natural environment. Blending in with your background. There are so many reasons to move silently in the bush. Learning to move with the wind, stepping between sticks and blades of grass. These are the ways that you get closer to wildlife. You become a part of the background. When you are a part of the baseline animals will stop noticing you, and you can get closer than ever. Whether this is for hunting, photography, or just to be a part of it all. In this 1 day workshop we will get dirty, we will crawl and stalk, and hide. We will work with clay and mud to create a natural camouflage that will far surpass anything that you can buy in the store. You will learn walking postures that are in alignment with nature, You will learn how to blend with the background using natural horizon lines, and shadows. You will also learn how to see what might be hidden by reversing the ideas of hiding. This class is very fun, very hands on, and very in the dirt. See you there. April 29 10a-3p Carlos Avery National Wildlife refuge. 75.00. please go to to register(required) $75.00 • What to bring Water to drink, Camera if desired(no video), notebook if you choose • Important to know

Carlos Avery State Wildlife Management Area

5463 West Broadway Avenue · Columbus


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The main purpose of this group is to share traditional “back to the land” skills and develop a greater connection to and appreciation for our Earth, while having fun and making connections with others in the general eastern MN and western WI area.

In addition to "skills", this site is also a format for posting earth connecting solstice celebrations, raptor center bird releases, earth day happenings, and farm/earth based festivals and gatherings.

Please post any classes, workshops, or gatherings, that you would like to offer or know about that fit this group's theme. there is really a shortage of people willing to teach. so if you have something to offer, please consider sharing.

“Back to the land” skills are referred to by various names, such as Folk-Green-Traditional-Nature-Wilderness-Earth-Primitive-Survival-Native-Homesteading Skills. If you are interested in being more connected to nature, sustainability, self sufficiency, and have ever wanted to learn about: edible wild plants, tanning hides, wool spinning/felting, flintknapping, mushrooms, making fire without matches, maple syruping, cheese making, basket making, bee keeping, hunting/fishing, gardening + seed saving, canning+food preservation, homemade soap, raising animals, natural building, knitting/sewing, wood working, herbal medicine, etc and too many others to list. then please join and lead or attend a class/workshop.

This group is intended to have an emphasis on honoring and connecting to Earth (the plants, animals, water, air, and soil) by raising awareness of our relationship with nature, and how the Earth provides so abundantly for us, nourishing our body, mind, and spirit.

In addition to learning skills, may we have gratitude and honor for all the earth gifts that provide life.

If you RSVP for a class, but later decide not to attend, please un-RSVP as that is considerate and helpful for whoever is leading the class.

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