Cyber Tracker Trailing Evaluation w/Kersey Lawrence Only 4 Spots available


Here is a Quote from the Cyber Tracker website.

"The purpose of the Trailing Evaluation is to assess the tracker’s ability to follow a individual animal(or group of animals) spoor across the landscape, to evaluate the trackers ability to interpret behavior of the animal(s) on the trail and to locate that specific animal. Locating the animal involves finding, approaching to within a reasonable distance, observing and exiting the area without alerting the animal to the tracker’s presence. The species followed during an evaluation depends on the species available at the venue with consideration given to the difficulty of the substrate and terrain. Animals commonly followed include all of the large North American ungulates(deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, feral hogs ect.) as well as large carnivores(bears, mountain lions and wolves). Human trails are occasionally used for Level I candidates or in combination with animal trails when there are venue or weather constraints."

We will be performing the evaluation near Grantsburg Wisconsin with evaluators Kersey Lawrence and Lee Gutteridge. These evaluations are the best way to learn tracking and trailing, and you can receive Cyber tracker certifications.

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October 26-27. 8am-5pm

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