What we're about

**This is a really long introduction, but it is all very important to read before making a decision about whether you want to join or not.**

This group provides sacred and safe space for black women of the African disapora. We are intersectional in our call and wholly welcome queer and trans* women; women of all religious, spiritual, and/or secular positions; women of all socioeconomic background. We felt it important to specify this as we do not want the group to focus solely on the experiences of straight, cis, middle-class, Christian black women. Please understand that this is not a group for all women of color, it is specifically a space for women of the African diaspora. Here, we celebrate the beauty of melanin and to build lasting friendships between sistas.

We have a few house rules here in this group which are basically similar what you can find at an AfroPunk festival. Any offender to these will be banned from the group. We want to foster a relationship of love, not hate. They are outlined below:

NO Colorism

NO Ableism

NO Ageism

NO Homophobia

NO Fatphobia

NO Transphobia

NO Hatefulness

We will meet roughly 2- 3 times per month. ALL meetups will be either metro accessible or have carpool options.

One event will be a discussion event held on the second Thursday of every month. It is designed to converse about the difficult topics that needs to be said in our community, but is rarely discussed, i.e. straight/ LGBTQIA relationship building, religion/ spirituality, building wealth, eating for your body, mindfulness, etc. This event will be free and held at a local place in a secluded meeting space. If we meet at a restaurant, it is highly recommend that we buy dinner (not just an appetizer or a drink) at the restaurant because of the free space they are giving us. The restaurant may vary, but it will always be cost efficient with healthy and/ or vegan/ vegetarian options.

The second/ third type of meetup will be an event/ activity. They are designed to build a relationship with your sistas. They will either be a paid and/ or free event depending on the month. If there is an event that you would like to suggest we attend, please do not hesitate to send a message!

When joining we ask that you answer four short questions and upload a clear picture of your face. This makes it easier to find people in the crowd when we have meetups.

Lastly, because this is a sacred group that is designed for black women, we ask that you please respect our wishes and not bring any non- black women to any meetups. There are exceptions to this rule (usually international travel or large public events/ spaces) and we will tell you in the decription if all genders are allowed. We look forward to seeing you soon Queen!

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MNR Talk: Sexual Assult and Healing

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MNR Talk: Black Women and Sexulity

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MNR Talk: Mental Health Evaluation

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