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For every mother who's given so much that she's lost, or forgotten, who she is; reclaim your mojo with us! Don't ever think it's just you- cuz it's all of us. No one teaches us how to protect ourselves from the desire to immerse ourselves in our beautiful families; we are taught to bust our butts and devote all of our time and energy to others without regard for ourselves. (Except to extol our virtue in giving %110)
But what happens when we suddenly don't know who we are except as someone's mother or wife or daughter or sister? What happens to our marriage and family when we realize that in losing our personal mojo, we have also lost sexual and emotional intimacy with our spouse? Or the ability to establish it with anyone else? It's easy to say you have to love yourself, but as a MOM it's really hard to actually do it without feeling selfish. It's time to share the struggles and work together to be good MOMs for our families and ourselves.

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