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MOTIVATE Shenzhen falls under the greater MOTIVATE Community which is a community founded on providing a safe, supportive, collaborative and growth focused environment. It is a community of people that care and belong.

We are growing into a China wide movement. Lead by Expats and Chinese with high English fluency. (A lot of ABC's and Returnees).

Join us if your passionate about creating positive change. Positions available for organizers/facilitators right now in Beijing and Shenzhen.

For one to one conversation with the founder:

Skype/Wechat: Adriannqld

Email: Adrian@adriancahill.com

To join our community of 2000+ members:

Wechat: MOTIVATEShanghai

Upcoming events (4+)

Emotional Detox. RSVP's a must

Needs a location

This session:

Expect 30-60 minute 1 on 1 session to address any of the following:

1. Reduce emotional baggage

2. Clarify purpose

3. Clear a phobia

4. Learn about Coaching or NLP.

Sessions are 1 on 1 and we have a couple of Coaches/NLP Practitioners associated with us so RSVP in advance is a must.

Cost: Free if you RSVP at least 24hours in advance.
BOOK HERE: https://calendly.com/adriancahill/emotionaldetox

This is strictly for new clients that haven't worked with us before.

Who's hosting?

Who is the lead facilitator:

Adrian is a Human Behaviour and Relationships Specialist. He often uses a Coaching and Training skills to help individuals and groups achieve their objectives.

Adrian has been studying Emotional Intelligence since 2006, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) since 2007, and Coaching under the ICF (International Coaching Federation) since 2013. Adrian has also spoken at two TEDx events and currently resides between Australia and Shanghai.


Assisting Practitioners/Coaches may include:

Margarita L, Aaron W, and Colin T

Ensure you add me on Wechat or Linkedin and ask for your session. Just remember we only offer 2 free sessions a month.

For any severe emotional distress, suicidal thoughts, please call LifeLine Shanghai (http://www.lifeline-shanghai.com/), they are a fantastic (China-wide) service for those in need. (021)[masked] - 10am-10pm 365days a year.

BOOK HERE: https://calendly.com/adriancahill/emotionaldetox

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NLP and Money

Online event

Most people do not choose to have an entrepreneur, investor, saver, spender mindset. It just kinda happened!!!

But what if we were able to easily and quickly find the roots of your financial mindset? The roots that ultimately lead to abundance or scarcity with wealth?

On the 23rd of January, 2022, you are all invited to join NLP Coach and Trainer Adrian and NLP Coach Darko for a FREE webinar as we talk about “NLP and Money” and explore the roots of your financial mindset as we continue to make this year 2022 better than last year!

For about 60 minutes;
1. Expect to dive deep, share vulnerably and gain deep insight opening new possibilities and awareness with regards to financial mindset.
2. Learn new awareness that will then lead you to options. Options to keep, change, forgive, or perhaps lead you to start reprogramming yourself more consciously.
3. Although we are clearly talking about financial beliefs, the processes we use in this session can be repeated to help you learn deeper and get so much more abundance in every area of life if you choose.

January 23, 2022 (Sunday), 1.5 Hour
6:30 PM GMT+8 China
8:30 PM GMT+10 Brisbane
5:30 AM GMT-5 New York
11:30 PM GMT+1 Barcelona

To join, scan the QR code on the flyer or click this link to register and join our live discussion for FREE: https://adriancahill.agilecrm.com/forms/5962351644311552

Zoom Meeting Room Details.
Link: https://zoom.us/j/86301571361
Password: #motivate

MOTIVATE Men's Only Chat. The Gentlemen's Chat

Location visible to members

9 Years ago, I was in Afghanistan fighting the war on terror. During that year I felt the loss of many lives including my last roommate who killed himself for reasons still not understood.

We as men have huge roles to play in this world. Often huge ambitions too. Yet many of us end up trying to do it all on our own. Women are important but this isn't about them. There are women's groups for pretty much everything and it's clearly helping them. Meanwhile, men's suicide and mental health issue skyrocket and many are doing it alone without manly support.

This Zoom meeting is an opportunity for a few men to get together like brothers or old mates to assist us in our roles, our ambitions or whatever. Welcome to have a beer or tea, as we chat for an hour about whatever the hell pops up.It's a safe place where we can be ourselves.

It's not for seriously depressed or with mental health challenges. LifeLine Shanghai (http://www.lifeline-shanghai.com/) is there for that. (They do marvelously well too). This is for men, missing the bunch of guys they used to hang around with back home or perhaps you didn't really get that experience but you want it.

Being virtual it's actually much easier than you think.

We concentrate on the challenges or topics you bring up. Expat's, Returnees, ABC most welcome. High-level understanding of conversational English is a must.

Old Intro:

In my home country, I have a group of solid guys I talk with. It provides a lot of value having good guys to bounce ideas and problems off. Through this time, we make better decisions. Better decisions better results.

It's actually completely natural to have a men's group. Men have always been forming groups for hunting, security, armies, sports, alliances and the like. In fact, if you find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning this could be part of the cause. We need a pack.

Key areas, stress, work-life balance, career, relationships, money.


$0 however if you really like the session, feel free to send a 50rmb donation at the end which gets pooled and donated collectively to a worthy cause.

BOOK HERE: www.calendly.com/adriancahill/gentlemenschat

Who is the facilitator:

Adrian Cahill www.Linkedin.com/in/AdrianCahill (http://www.linkedin.com/in/AdrianCahill)

Adrian has a collection of workshops based on Coaching, Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence. Adrian has spoken at various TEDx events, traveled 70+countries, studied various forms of meditation and spiritual practices. Interestingly between[masked], he traveled 8 countries with a Master Pick Up Artist who taught men how to meet women. This encouraged Adrian to coach from a more holistic approach covering relationships, business, finance and general well being. Adrian is a mentor for a business group in Australia and established passive cashflow streams for well over 10years. Adrian is married with a young child. The family lives between Australia and China.

Register here for login details.

BOOK HERE: www.calendly.com/adriancahill/gentlemenschat

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Get UnstUck Coaching Session. Private intimate. Free but high value session.

We help professionals that are unfulfilled with where their life is going when they are at the critical or perhaps scary turning points in their life.
Common thread, you are unsatisfied, want more, need big change. Often lacking the support or resources to make it happen.
The signs are procrastination, mild depression, self sabotage, and a big lack of clarity. We help you change.

This session is a 1 to 1 private virtual session for you.
To begin, you can talk discreetly about your wants, needs and questions. From there you will be guided through some simple questions than to your complementary One to One private session.
Here we will lead a conversation to clarify 'Whats really important to YOU'. This conversation alone is very valuable. It's amazing how much people like just this part. Then we will find out whats stopping you from having it. Then depending on time we may get to speak about some solutions or ways forward. You may get time to talk about EQ Emotional Intelligence, SQ Social Intelligence, LQ Leadership Intelligence.

ALL Sessions are:
Via Skype/Whatsapp/Wechat/Zoom
1 to 1, private & confidential
Complementary (Cost is $0) for the first 2 who book via https://calendly.com/adriancahill/emotionaldetox
If the places are taken, additional spaces are available for $250USD.

This is strictly for new clients that haven't worked with us before.

Who's hosting?
Adrian (Lead Coach - PCC) & Darko (Apprentice Coach and Organiser)

Qualifications? Safety?
Lead Coach, Adrian Cahill is highly qualified and experienced in Coaching and Training. http://www.linkedin.com/in/adriancahill
Whatsapp: [masked] Wechat/Skype/Facebook: Adriannqld

Ensure you book via https://calendly.com/adriancahill/emotionaldetox
Alternatively message or email: [masked]

Cost: Free for the first 2 who book.
Sponsored by www.adriancahill.com

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