CSS debugging tips and tricks

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Are you familiar with React and JavaScript basics and would you like to get better? Join us in our MSD React Workshop Series. It is a set of independent workshops focused on advanced React and other topics related to web development. Every session consists of a mix of a talk and live coding. We encourage you to bring a laptop and code with our fellow developer-lecturer. Apart from the laptop you will need a basic understanding of React, JavaScript and web development as we will not cover fundamentals and jump right into more advanced topics.

This time we will focus on debugging CSS styles when working with React. We will hunt down a few example bugs with browser Dev Tools Inspector and identify good ways how to fix them. Vertical alignment, flexbox, animations, responsive designs, CSS-in-JS, overwriting default library styles and other useful tips await.

If you want to try the code on your own machine, please bring a laptop with Node.js 8.9+, npm and Git installed.
Otherwise bring just a good mood and hunger for knowledge… By the way, speaking of hunger – refreshment will be available 👍

- Doors open for check-in at 17:45 - This time the other building across the street!
- Short networking
- The presentation starts at 18:15 - 20:00 within a short 10 mins break
- Networking happy hour to follow the talk, pub, etc...