What we're about

Networking gets results.

Come out and network in person with us, once a month (first or second Wednesday of the month and you could meet 10 - 30 new like-minded entrepreneurs. Promote your business, share your knowledge, inspire and support others like you and sometimes even do business on the spot!

The formal program is 1 hour, however, we encourage the participants to schedule 2 hours. You should plan to come at 10:15 AM for registration, so we can start on time. You should also plan to remain 15-30 minutes after the formal program and openly network with the other participants, Resident Speaker and Featured Speaker now that you know what they do, what they offer and what they are looking for.

During the formal program, every participant gets "1-2 Minute(s) @ the Mike" - a chance to introduce themselves to all other business owners/ representatives. After introductions we have a 15 minute talk/ presentation from a "Resident Speaker", to tell us more about their business. The Resident Speaker is drawn from the participants at the previous month's Meetup.

Occasionally, we might get a 15 minute talk/ presentation from a "Featured Speaker" who is invited because they have to offer expertise in an area that business owners, entrepreneurs and sales people could use to enhance the quality of their business or of their lives. They may be business world celebrities, extremely successful business owners, published authors or owners of a business or service that every participant can benefit from.

Depending on the number of the participants, we may go around again and answer the "Question of the Month" and also see if there are any Announcements, Event heads-ups and Testimonials from the members.

The Fortune is in the Followup! Participants have time a whole month to followup with all other attendees, schedule a coffee or B2B followup meeting, learn more about each other, about each other's business and see if there is potential to help each other to grow your businesses.

* Who should join: Are you a business owner or a business representative that wants to expand their sphere of influence, referral network and meet new people every month? You love coming out, shake hands, get to know like and trust the other members? We want you!

* Why should members join: We provide excellent value for the time you spend with us. At every meeting we have a Resident Speaker providing first hand value to the attendees. At some meetings we invite an outside Featured Speaker share an education moment with us. If you take only one nugget from the Resident Speaker's or Featured Speaker's presentation and use it to increase your business in the following months, is it worth it to you?

* What can members expect out of the group: A positive like-minded business owners community, all working together to give value, referrals and opportunity.

For more details, please check out our Group Reviews, past Meetups comments and Featured Speakers, photos and our Message Board.

We are looking forward to meeting you, getting to know you, trust you and refer business to you!

Important Information

This is an approval-based networking group for professionals, business owners and business representatives. In other words, your application to join has to be approved by an organizer before you can attend any events of the group.

No walk-ins are allowed.

In order to provide a good experience for existing members, we approve or decline applications for membership based on a variety of factors. In essence, you are responsible for showing us how your membership would bring value to the group. In order for the application to be considered, applicants need to answer the questions asked when joining fully and truthfully, have a complete Meetup profile including a current head shot picture, full name, location and the list of other Meetup groups you're a member of.

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