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Wednesday Night Commander!
Come play some EDH/Commander with us. Dig out your big dudes, wacky interactions, and janky combos.. Casual atmosphere, which allows rules questions, redo's, take-backs, etc... Come meet us every 3rd Wednesday at Recess Games. Be sure to check the event page often so we can figure out when the next meeting will be, and as always, if you feel like hosting, let us know and we can add your place for a future venue. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, look here: . Please be aware that we fully follow the official ban list, despite not necessarily always fully agreeing with it!

Recess: North Olmsted

26636 Brookpark Extension · North Olmsted, OH

What we're about

Meet other local people who enjoy playing Magic: the Gathering Commander format games in the Cleveland Metropolitan area.

Q: Who should join us?

A: Anyone who lives around Cleveland and wants to get into Magic EDH games, more specifically- you! We are interested in playing both casual and competitive events and encourage everything from new players to twenty year veterans. We also like to combine events with social gatherings, so on occasion we have stuff like MTG BBQs, MTG and beer, MTG and movie night...

Q: What are the benefits of joining us?

A: In addition to meeting other magic players you can find others to trade with, people to bounce ideas off of, people to carpool with to tournaments... word on the street is that all the cool kids in Cleveland will be in our group.

Q: Where do you usually play?

A: We will play in a few local stores as well as at player's homes. Places we frequent include Games and Comics in Willougby Hills and Recess Games in North Olmsted!

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