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Open Board Games!
• What we'll do We will be playing board games. Having fun and enjoying the evening over drinks and strategy. I hope to see all of you there, mi casa su casa. All skill levels welcome, experienced games to novices, everyone is here to simply have a good time with good people. I have an extensive collection of games to choose from and a wide breadth of knowledge pertaining to them so feel free to pick my brain if you'd like to know about anything related to the hobby. Any comments, concerns or suggestions, I'm available most hours of the day. • What to bring Water, drinks or snacks. Feel free to bring anything you personally might want or to share. I do try and provide some items but if you want to be sure it's there, please bring it. • Important to know We will be playing games. Some times emotions can get high, but games is what they are so be sure to have fun. In the end, it's just a game so do your best and if we don't win, there's always next time.

Brian's Place

1209 Laurel Park Trail · Mount Pleasant, SC

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I love to play board games and I love to share that passion with people who are interested in having an amazing evening exploring new and wondrous locations, traveling through mysteries caves and building powerful economic engines. Gaming is a wonderful exercise of the mind and spirit. Tons of laughter and great strategy. Are you interested in having a great time and a large Costco pizza? Then we are happy to invite you over to experience the next great love of your life, Tabletop gaming in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina :)

Some questions that are asked at the Friday night game night are also relevant here as well.

Q: Is it okay if I arrive late or leave early?

A: Of course! We're a pretty laid-back group, so feel free to come and go at your leisure.

Q: Do I need to bring anything?

A: If you'd like to, then sure! Some people like to bring games, food, booze, or a combination of the above. None of these are required, but it's always appreciated. Most people just bring themselves.

Q: Do I need to RSVP?

A: Please do! It greatly helps me figure out how many tables and chairs to set up and roughly how much pizza I should expect to order. If you would prefer not to publicly RSVP, please message me privately so I know that you plan on attending. Also, if you want to come by and the meetup has already started, it won't let you RSVP. However, you can still feel free to send me a message and come on by.

Q: Can I bring people with me?

A: Certainly! Just please make sure to mark that you're bringing more people when you RSVP.

Q: Is this really an open group, or is it a closed event for some friends?

A: Yup, it's an open group. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come hang out.

Q: What do you do for dinner?

A: I order pizza every week for all who are interested, making sure to get a mixture of pizzas with and without meat.

Q: How many people usually come to these?

A: We average about 7 people a week.

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