Saturday Evening Gaming! Make Up Day (like when in school but now fun)!

This is a past event

15 people went

Brian's Place

1209 Laurel Park Trail · Mount Pleasant, SC

How to find us

There are pictures on the Meetup of the house. It is the third on the left when entering the Laurel Grove Subdivision.


• What we'll do
Gaming! Board Gaming! I'm very happy to invite you into my home to enjoy a fun evening of board games. All skill levels are welcome, new to the hobby or seasoned veterans. I genuinely love to teach, help and grow the hobby. I want you to excel more than anything and be comfortable trying new things, like deck building, or roll and move, hidden identity or card drafting. Game mechanics that might not jump out at you are first but in time, could define the type of game you most enjoy.

Come, have the experience of what board games truly are and get lost in a world of fantasy, deception, intrigue and strategy.

• What to bring
Please bring whatever you'd like to have to drink or snack on. I will try and provide some items, and likely will have pizza or maybe burgers available. No guarantees, but want to make sure folks are happy.

• Important to know

Enjoy yourself and come to play some great games with great folks.