What we're about

This group was created to provide grounded space for individuals interested in exploring and developing their own intuitive awareness. We offer classes and gatherings in meditation and intuitive development.

The goal of our workshops is self-awareness, cultivating an internal awareness of self which helps you live more consciously and more authentically.

You will learn how to ground yourself, disengage your attention from the outer world and re-direct it inwardly. Through meditation you become aware of your own personal space, how to define it, protect it and create changes within it.

These techniques enable you to recover quickly from bumps the life throws time to time. With meditation practices, you are better able to maintain balance and presence in your life.

This particular Meet up gatherings are for age 15 and up. Our workshops are not therapy and not a religious activity.

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Intuitive Meditation Workshop @ Dublin: Balance

The Specific Chiropractic Centers

Intuitive Awareness Meditation Workshop: Boundaries

The Specific Chiropractic Centers


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