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المعادي حلوة مفيش كلام. بس مؤخراً المعادي (زيها زي أماكن كتير) بقت تجارية زيادة عن اللزوم وبقى في مطعم أو كافيه في كل ركن.

مجموعة (Maadi Cultural Meetups) هي للناس إللي عايزة تعمل حاجة مختلفة عن القعدة على الكافيهات.هنتقابل عشان كل حاجة متعلقة بالثقافة والفن. هنتفرج على فيلم، نناقش موضوع، نقرا كتاب، ننظم محاضرة أو حتى نذاكر مواضيع مختلفة مع بعض.

We can't deny that Maadi is a lovely place in Cairo. Although this group isn't solely for Maadians but we chose Maadi to be our base. Being so green, quiet, multi-cultural and authentic, it's a district that somehow reminds us of the beautiful spirit of Cairo that other places are starting to lose.

In the recent years, Maadi (like many other places) started to become more and more commercial and consumerist. There's a cafe at every corner. This group is for people interested in a little more than hanging out in one of the zillion cafes and restaurants spreading in our lovely town. We'll meet-up for everything cultural and artistic, from watching a movie, discussing a topic, reading a book, organizing a lecture and even starting study groups on many subjects.

See you soon :)

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Movie Night: Dead Poets Society

Beyt El-7ayah

Game Night: The Chess Challenge!

Beyt El-7ayah

أمسية ألعاب Board Game Night

Beyt El-7ayah

Art of Relationships (Lecture)

Beyt El-7ayah

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