Hey PHP enthusiast DEVelopers, Want to dive-in deep in PHP, Join me


LAMP stack Training (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) - Introductory Session - 1

This session will be for the beginners students who want to learn:

Understand programming
Concepts of server and client
What is Apache
Why & How to use Linux
Why we use database etc
What is PHP?
Why PHP?
Switch to linux to become best programmer.
How to get used to linux and setup development environment.
What is XAMP, WAMP, MAMP !!?
What you need to learn to become a web programmer.

This session will include introductory session about LAMP. How this can be used, what are the configuration, versions available and how to setup PHP development environment.

Who Can Attend: This session will be helpful to all the students/aspirants who want to plunge into development field.
Aspirants who don't know from where to start.

PHP is widely used now a days in developing API's, websites, blogs, e-Comms etc. This session will give basic insight about -- How to start programming.

Lucky Aspiring Developers: 21 Dev ONLY.

Charges: 50 Rs