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Welcome! to The Machine Learning Algorithm Developers Group.

Here is a place to interact with ML developers, researchers, and students. Topics on advanced ML algorithms, data mining, information retrieval, sentiment/opinion mining, pattern recognition, genetic algorithms, building Scalable web architectures, image processing, predictive analytics, search engines, NLP ( natural language processing), speech and handwriting recognition etc can be discussed. We welcome all researchers from product company R&D divisions, product engineers and Ph.D.’s in Computer Science.

We welcome Computer Science Professors from reputed Universities like IIsc, IIT, IIIT, and NIT’s also from other reputed colleges to share your knowledge.

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Building a Recommendation Engine using Mahout
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IIIT Hyderabad

Mahout’s item based recommender is a flexible and easily implemented algorithm with a diverse range of applications. The minimalism of the primary input file’s structure and availability of ancillary filtering controls can make sourcing required data and shaping a desired output both efficient and straightforward. Typical use cases include: Recommend products to customers via an eCommerce platform (think: Amazon, Netflix, Overstock) Identify organic sales opportunities Segment users/customers based on similar item preferences

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Demo: Machine Learning with Python Training


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