Time Series Predictions using Neural Networks - Rudradeb Mitra

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Time Series Predictions using Neural Networks - Rudradeb Mitra

Abstract: In past 24 months, Time series database has been the fastest growing database category. This interest is because of its applications in AI, IoT and many other sectors.
One of the key application of time series data in AI is Predictive Analytics. Companies are using predictive analytics in various ways - from predicting customer buying behavior to predicting heath risk or predicting the future breakdown of trucks.
In this talk, the speaker will explain about the concepts of time series database and predictive analytics. Then he will show through examples on how NN is used to make time series predictions.


Rudradeb's background is an AI researcher and had published 10 research papers on various AI topics including language processing, semantic web, 5th generation languages, and multi-agent planning.

After finishing his Masters from Univ. of Cambridge he went on to build 4 startups - two in Silicon Valley, one in UK and one in Belgium. These days his focus is on applications of AI and IoT. In his free time, he writes and talks about to Artificial Intelligence, IoT and startups.

Language: English


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