Let There be Light... Anomaly Detection in Network Traffic – Petr Chmelař

Machine Learning Meetup Brno
Machine Learning Meetup Brno
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Finding a needle in a haystack is easy compared to finding security or traffic anomaly in a network. Some say it cannot be done. Or can it?
- What was in the beginning?
- What information is in network traffic data?
- Anomaly Detection: If it works, why? If not, why?
- How do you train 100TB/day for a month in an hour?
- Is one bite in 1,048,576 exciting enough?
- Do you really know all the admins in your network?
- And on that bombshell, how we created GREYCORTEX?
Does this sound boring? Don’t worry, there will be free beer at the meetup!

Petr Chmelar, the Chief Technology Officer of GREYCORTEX, possess 15 years experience in advanced data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Starting at the Brno University of Technology, he gained multiple successes in US-based NIST challenges (TrecVid and AVSS Challenges between 2008 and 2012) and acted as a yellow-teamer in the Crossed Swords NATO CCDCOE cyberdefense exercise. He is a co-founder of GREYCORTEX and the mastermind behind its technology.

Language: English

- Talk
- Discussion
- Networking (ImpactHub)

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