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We're a small group that meets once or twice a month to review recent research in machine learning. We started in Northern Virginia, but we've moved permanently online. Each meeting has a specific topic a research papers that we read prior (as much as we can) so that we can all contribute to the conversation. We welcome new active participants, and we really appreciate the history of reading we've developed as a group. This group is aimed at people who have enough background in machine learning to be able to read and (mostly) understand research in the field, or who are serious about building that understanding. Everyone who is interested in learning more about machine learning is welcome. We love lively discussions!

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AIBC: Chapter 17 Complex Decisions; Maybe 18 Multiagent Decision Making

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Artificial Intelligence Book Club

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We are working through the 4th edition of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Peter Norvig and Stuart J. Russell and we're on Chapter 17.

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Toolformer: Language Models Can Teach Themselves to Use Tools

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